Peter Rosalita blew away America when he stepped on the America’s Got Talent stage to Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing.” While most singers struggle to match the majesty of Houston’s voice, Rosalita, who is only ten years old, manages to deliver an out-of-this-world performance on a song that is three times older than him while putting his unique stamp on on on it. At just ten years old, Rosalita proves to the AGT judges and the American audience that he is a talented force to be reckoned with.

The clip has received more than 1.5 million views, and people are clamoring for more Peter Rosalita as he makes his way forward in America’s Got Talent 2021. And America has fallen in love with Peter. The following comments were selected from nearly two thousand posted to the America’s Got Talent YouTube video as of August 19, 2021.

“He has an astounding control of his vocal, he preferred  to sing the concert version of the song which is so difficult to perform, but he did it easily and leisurely – may God bless him.”

“He is only ten years old, but his voice sounds like a professional. True artist! Go ahead. The universe will open its way! You are such a beautiful human being!!”

“This kid made me absolutely cry and smile at the same time. He is truly a miracle. How does a ten-year-old have that much talent but can any ten-year-old you know remember that many lyrics? He is the BEST.”

“He has a great quality

voice, his tone, his diction, the pitch, What a voice goodness, a great singer in the making.”

Some people watched Rosalita in the audience. They turned to YouTube later to relay their experience.

“I was in the audience during this, and I was blown away. This kid is seriously talented.”

“I was there tonight to witness this performance, and yes, his voice sounds amazing in videos, but my god, is it so much better and so much more powerful in person. this kid is absolutely amazing.”

Others were simply happy to see a young boy enjoying himself on stage. They shared their joy by writing comments about his stage presence and performance persona.

“The way how he pronounces some of his words is super cute. He’s a beautiful singer. I really enjoyed this.”

But most people agreed that Rosalita has a future in show business if he keeps doing what he is doing.

One person wrote, “Singing aside, we can all agree it was phenomenal, HIS STAGE PRESENCE IS WELL BEYOND HIS AGE! A true professional.”

Peter’s former teacher, Jill Ann Ibarra, applauded his efforts. She expressed her pride in having been in his life as a young singer and to see his progress to now.

“He was my student. I’m so proud of him; I already saw his capabilities way back then. GOOD JOB, Peter. I’m so proud of you.”

What do you think about ten-year-old Peter Rosalita? Is this young singer an artist who you think should receive more fan recognition?