Police are hunting for suspects after a Michigan couple was found dead with a plethora of Taco Bell items at their kitchen table. The couple, Cameron and Courtney Hulet, had been living at their home in Dundee, Michigan, when they suddenly died one night. The couple had been sitting down at their table to gouge themselves on a dinner from Taco Bell when the pair mysteriously stopped breathing and collapsed.

A neighbor first reported that the couple might have experienced something wrong. The neighbor called the local police, who sent an officer to conduct a welfare check on the couple, who had not been seen outside of their house for some time. The neighbor had visited the couple around 9 pm and thought they were asleep. When they arrived later and found them in the exact same position, she knew that something was wrong, so she called the police.

“It’s really a puzzle,” Dundee Village Manger Dave Uhl told the Monroe Evening News. “There is no indication as to what happened. It’s a mystery.”

Authorities are currently waiting for toxicology results for the couple. They need these results to figure out what exactly caused the death of 20-year-old Courtney and her 28-year-old husband, Cameron.

When authorities arrived following the call from the concerned neighbor, they found Cameron collapsed on the floor and Courtney lying face down. On the kitchen table next to their haul from Taco Bell, police found a pound of marijuana, which could have had something to do with their sudden death – or not. It’s a mystery.

Dundee police chief Todd reported that the Taco Bell food seemed untouched. However, the couple had been going through the process of dividing up the massive amount of cannabis that they were going to distribute to other people.

Police could not help but wonder if someone had broken into the home and murdered the two lovebirds. However, they found no evidence of forced entry, and there were no signs of trauma on either body. Because of the lack of evidence, police do not believe that a third party was involved in the couple’s untimely death.

Chief Opperman also reported that Child Protective Services had recently removed two children from the couple’s home. They had been living in Dundee for only about six weeks at the time of their untimely deaths.

Reports indicate that Cameron was a repeat offender. He had a criminal history of possession of marijuana plus an additional conviction on an assault charge, indicating that he could have been a dangerous person in the drug world.

The fact that the couple had recently lost custody of their children may have put a strain on them. This, in addition to the large number of drugs they were dealing with, could have led to their deaths.

At this time, authorities are still waiting on toxicology results to come back before they can determine an official cause of death for the couple. The Hulet’s sudden and mysterious death has left their loved ones, as well as the small community of Dundee, Michigan, grieving and confused.