Wheel of Fortune players resort to all sorts of strategies to figure out the puzzle and take home the prize money. Spinning the wheel gives contestants a chance to get more letters put on the board, so they can have an easier time guessing the correct solution. Other players prefer to spend their prize money buying vowels, so they can get a better look at the words on the board and try to piece together the solutions.

One contestant named Caitlyn didn’t need any strategy to solve one puzzle. Although there was only one letter on the board – plus an apostrophe – she was able to solve the puzzle in record time – and leave hosts Pat Sajak and Vanna White in a state of utter and unbelievable shock. Although they’ve been hosting the show for more than three decades, they hardly ever see someone solve the puzzle as easily as Caitlyn did in this instance.

Before it was Caitlyn’s turn to spin, the contestant before her, Rick, spun the wheel and asked for the letter “R.” But there were not any letter “Rs” on the board, so Rick lost his turn, and the puzzle was handed over to Caitlyn. When she spun the wheel, it landed on some prize money, so she guessed the letter “L,” thinking it could help her get to the solution.

Although there was only one “L” on the board, Caitlyn was very confident that she knew the solution to the puzzle. She asked Pat for permission to attempt to solve and then blurted out the solution that no one in their right mind should have been able to figure out with just one letter on the board.

Sajak replied that it was “okay” for Caitlyn to attempt to solve the puzzle. She replied, “It’s a prize puzzle,” giving Sajak and Wheel of Fortune viewers at home a better understanding of why she was trying to solve the puzzle before spinning more and getting more letters on the board. Sajak rapidly replied, “Yeah,” confirming that she was playing for a luxury vacation, and Caitlyn took his assurance to heart and proceeded to provide the correct answer to the puzzle.

Although Sajak was dubious that she’d be able to provide the correct answer, she did so and left him and everyone in the studio audience – and watching at home – in a state of joyful shock and surprise.

“I’ve got a good feeling about this,” Caitlyn said as her answer to the puzzle – and she was one hundred percent right about it. She managed to solve the puzzle with just one letter and an apostrophe on the board, which is quite a feat for anyone to do on Wheel of Fortune.

Viewers were amazed by Caitlyn’s puzzle-solving prowess. Comments on YouTube included the following:

“I can’t ever get over the 4 seconds of silence while Pat (and all of us) try to decide if she’s serious or just confused about how to play the game.”

“Truly one of the most amazing solves ever. Catlin was a very smart player.”

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