Have you ever been to a dog show? I haven’t. It’s not because I don’t love dogs. I do. I just never had the opportunity to go. But after watching this video, my interest level went way up. I never knew talented performances like this could happen at a dog show. I just thought it was a day when handlers showed off their near-perfect canine specimens so judges could determine which was the best in show and the best in class.

The reason this performance has gotten so much attention is obvious. The cowboy owner and his border collie perform a “country” dance in front of the crowd of thousands of loyal dog enthusiasts. And when you see how well they do you’ll be in awe just the same.

The performance occurred at Crufts dog show in the United Kingdom. Not only is a cowboy an uncommon sight in the United Kingdom, but he also brought a lot of American spirit with him on his trip over the pond, which made the Brits very excited.

The song that the cowboy chose came from country music legends Big & Rich. They’re most famous for their country hits “Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)” and “Filthy Rich.” But they are not dedicated to putting out secular hit after secular hit. They also released a number of heartwarming songs like “That’s Why I Pray” and “I Pray for You.” In other words, Big & Rich are multi-faceted musicians and performers.

That’s why in 2011 Big & Rich (pictured above) made headlines when teaming up with country star Gretchen Wilson to record “Fake I.D.,” which made it onto the soundtrack of the Footloose remake.

When the cowboy at Crufts showed off his heelwork, the dog show fans were stunned. They loved every second of his country-dance. And they have also inspired that his dog got in on the action as well.

The cowboy and his border collie weren’t just at Crufts to show off their skill. They were there to win the category that tasks handlers and their dogs to perform a dance to music up to four minutes long together.

As you watch them dance, you’ll note how well trained both performers are. The border collie stays in step with the cowboy, and they do a great job together.

Watch the dogs twist and turn and walk back over the owner’s legs. The pooch even winds in and out around his cowboy boots.

While the cowboy and his border collie impressed everyone during their performance, it was the end of the show that left the crowd speechless. And when the shock of the spectacular ending wore off, the crowd burst into applause with many people rising to their feet to offer the dancing duo a standing ovation.

If you didn’t know that dancing routines could be part of a dog show, I’m glad to have enlightened you on that point. I certainly did not know that these were happening around the world. Now that I know, it might be time for me to buy a ticket to a dog show soon. You never know what entertainment you’ll see!