On TikTok, one former Disney fan outed the entertainment company for giving little girls the wrong message about their bodies. The video, which was uploaded to the Chinese-created social media app, has been viewed a staggering 5.3 million times and counting. The video, which was uploaded by content creator Gangbanger_O, included images of numerous Disney princesses, including Ariel, Moana, Elsa, Belle, Aurora, and Snow White, who all have tiny, upturned noses that are not very realistic.

After the video showed off the Disney princesses’ noses, the content cut to the villains who had been created by the Disney company. The video showed the noses of villains Jafar, Maleficent, Ursula, Clayton, and Mother Gothel, who all have larger, more defined noses than the princess who were shown off before in the TikTok video.

The video was set to a song called Remember You by Adventure Time, and the lyrics said, “Marceline, is it just you and me in the wreckage of the world? That must be so confusing for a little girl.”

In another video with a similar intent created by Robin Reaction, the issue gets some more coverage. That video has been viewed more than 5.1 million times and counting. TikTok, which was created by the Chinese, has a way of getting a lot of people to view a single video.

“How much nose is a Disney princess allowed to have?” the content creator asks when they start their viral video. “The answer depends on what year you were drawn and, in most cases, not much.”

The video continued, “Going back to the earliest princesses, we can see their noses consists of a hint of a nostril, and then depending on the angle, also like a slight curve. This is in stark contrast to the women in these movies, who are depicted as evil and therefore have to be ugly. One of the easiest ways to tell if a woman was going to be evil or very unf***able is to see if they have a nose that actually resembles a nose.”

Clearly, Disney fans are upset that the illustrators make the princesses have small noses while the villains are given more realistic-shaped noses.

The video continued, “This lack of noses continued all the way through the ’80s, ’90s, and 2000s, and when non-white princesses started to get introduced, they got the same lack of nose treatment.” The video then shows images of non-white princesses Pocahontas, Mulan, and Tiana.

“When 3D animation got introduced, they had to find new ways for their characters to technically have noses that take up as little space as possible. And I think it’s worth noting that Disney knows how to draw extremely hot people that have defined noses; they’ve been doing it to men a long time.”

Robin added, “They just choose to keep women in this very narrow definition of beauty.”

Meanwhile, male characters in Disney movies have more realistic noses. This gives young girls the wrong impression of what is normal for human bodies.