An Arkansas farmer was caught dressed as a woman while dumping rotting animal corpses onto a neighbor’s grave. The legal system gave the 79-year-old man a light one-year suspended sentence following the bizarre incident. The crook was caught on camera dressed in a wig and a dress while dumping the animal carcasses onto the gravesite of his neighbor. The evidence against Arkansas farmer Joseph Stroud was so ironclad that they did not even try to fight the charges in court, admitted his dealt in the disgusting act.

On Monday, Stroud pleaded guilty to repeatedly placing carcasses of dead animals onto the gravestone of Fred McKinney at the Pea Ridge Cemetery in Bentonville.

The family of McKinney first started noticing the vandalism of their loved one’s graves months ago. But it was not until August 2020 that Stroud was arrested by Arkansas authorities. He was finally caught when he arrived at the cemetery dressed as a woman with a gray wig, sunglasses, and women’s clothing – surveillance cameras caught him in the act of dropping the dead animal’s on the other man’s gravesite.

Police arrested Stroud back in August 2020. McKinney lived on the farm next to Stroud’s until his death at age 94 in 2015. McKinney’s granddaughter confirmed that the two rivals “never got along with each other.”

Stroud suffers from vascular dementia, according to his legal team. While in court, Stroud said that he has been leaving the dead animal carcasses on the other farmer’s tombstone because McKinney “enjoyed animals” in life.

Arkansas authorities first charged Stroud with a felony charge of defacing objects of public interest. However, the prosecutors worked with Stroud’s legal team and got the charges lowered to a misdemeanor. Stroud avoided jail time and was given a one-year suspended sentence. He was also ordered to pay the victim’s family $2,529.

Other punishments for the dementia patient include having to hand over his driver’s license due to his mental deterioration.

Stroud confessed to leaving rotting animal corpses on McKinney’s gravesite from May 31 to July 31, 2020. He argued that he left the decaying animal carcasses on the other man’s grave because he found more “beauty” in the dead animals than “flowers and stuff.”

“I done it on his behalf to show him the animals were still here and everything like that,” he told Benton County Circuit Judge Robin Green, according to Arkansas Online. “He just enjoyed animals and that there was more of a… a beauty than flowers and stuff.”

Stroud also said he dressed as a woman to disguise himself. He wanted to “agitate” and “upset” the people he feared were “following me around.”

When dressing as a woman, Stroud said it was an ideal way for him to escape notice from his paranoid delusions.

“It was to agitate the people looking at me and following me around. I done it to upset them because my car was there and my license tag was there, and they knew it was me,” he told the court.

When Stroud was arrested for defacing his rival’s grave, police found bloodstains in the back of his Dodge truck.

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