A twenty-five-year-old TikTok user has come forward after two men tried to drug her and a friend while they were at a bar. Aili, who posts her fun TikTok content under her alias @Aili.Likes.Adventure on the Chinese-created social media app, said that two men accosted her and her friend at the bar, forcing beers into their hands and demanding that they drink them.

Now, Aili wants women across the world to be wary of men who offer “free” drinks while out in public. Instead of accepting a drink directly from the man, who may have loaded it up with date rape drugs, she suggests making sure all drinks come directly from the bartender.

After the men gave Aili and her friend the beers, her friend started drinking it. However, Aili sensed that something was not right and did not indulge. Before long, her friend was visibly drugged and unable to stand up straight. She was stumbling around the bar and would have made an easy rape victim for the men who had loaded her up with date rape drugs. Fortunately, Aili managed to save her friend from that fate by getting her out of the bar before it was too late.

She uploaded her stern warning along with a caption that stated, “Always trust your intuition. Stay safe out there, ladies.”

Her video has since been viewed more than 6.2 million times as women across the world take heed from her warning.

“I had a really scary experience with my friend last night, and I want to share this story because I feel like it could stop this from happening to someone else,” she began her video. “We went out for drinks at a bar that we had never been to before, and my friend was up at the bar buying our second round, and this guy came up to me and asked if I wanted a drink.

“I was standing a little bit behind my friend, so I was like, ‘Thank you so much, but my friend’s got me.’ So we took our drinks and went and sat on the patio and this guy and two friends came and sat at the table next to us. At this point, we thought nothing of it because you never do.”

However, the would-be rapists were persistent.

“So we just continued on with our night and ended up hitting the dance floor. I’ve never gotten to dance with my friend before, and we were having the time of our lives until those men showed up on the dance floor,” she said.

Eventually, the men forced beers into the women’s hands.

“By the end of the night, it’s just my friend and me dancing together. And the two guys from earlier come up to us and shove beers in our hands,” Aili said. “They didn’t say ‘We bought you these drinks.’ They didn’t say, ‘Do you want to drink?’ They just put them in our hands. My friend started drinking hers immediately. As I put mine up to my lips, a voice dropped in my head, and it said, ‘Don’t drink that.’”

She added, “So instead of drinking it, I put it back in his hand, and I said, ‘You drink it.’ He was so stunned — he literally backed away, and all he could say was, ‘No.’ I pushed it out again, and I said, ‘Take a drink,’ and he said, ‘No, I got it for you.’ I was like, ‘I don’t want it. Let me see you take a drink.’ He wouldn’t even take the drink from me,’ so I immediately stopped my friend from drinking, grabbed her by the arm, and said, ‘We’re leaving.’”

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